Course Outline

Module 1: Security concepts
Module 2: Risk management
Module 3: Hackers attack phases
Module 4: Penetration testing
Module 5: Networking MitM attacks
Module 6: Overview of web technologies and frameworks
Module 7: Tools of the trade
Module 8: Bypassing client side controls
Module 9: Authentication attacks
Module 10: Design/implementation flaws
Module 11: Web application attacks: Injection (A1)
Module 12: Web application attacks: XSS/CSRF (A3/A8)
Module 13: Web application attacks: Broken authentication and session management (A2)
Module 14: Web application attacks: Insecure direct object references/Missing function level access control (A4/A7)
Module 15: Web application attacks: Security mis-configuration/Sensitive data exposure (A5/A6)
Module 16: Web application attacks: Unvalidated redirect and forwards (A10)
Module 17: Logical flaws

 28 Hours

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